wu wei

is a unique approach to
life, health & happiness first
understood by the ancient chinese


wu wei wisdom

integrates these traditional chinese
teachings & practices with the best
of modern western therapy techniques


master your mind,
body & emotions

with our practical and powerful system
of holistic therapy, coaching & teaching


transform your
life today

connect deeply...

flow effortlessly...

live fully...

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are you…

  • suffering with poor physical or emotional health, pain and stress?
  • struggling with your work-life balance, relationships or career?
  • searching for a deeper sense of purpose, authenticity and fulfilment?

it doesn’t have to be this way…

We have over four decades of success in supporting people just like you.

Wu Wei Wisdom was co-founded by ordained Taoist master and multi-disciplinary therapist, David James Lees, and life-coach and designer, Alexandra Lees.

You can visit us at our centre for complementary therapy, Peak House Practice, in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales UK, or connect and work with us online wherever you are in the world.

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Discover how to interpret and resolve feelings of tension and stress, to help you find a more relaxed, authentic, happy and balanced way of living. This is a short extract from a live teaching webinar...

An introduction to the ancient Chinese Taoist practice of Qigong or Chi Gung meditation and its many benefits for physical and emotional health and wellbeing......

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